Revere, MA. – July 29, 1928

Revere, Massachusetts – July 29, 1928

     On the afternoon of July 29, 1928, an aircraft belonging to the Old Colony Airways Corporation crashed in the Lynn Marshes at Revere Massachusetts.  The pilot was transported to Malden Hospital with serious injuries.  The two passengers, two youths from New Hampshire, ages 17, and 22, were brought to Chelsea Hospital.  The 17-year-old was treated and released, the 23-year-old was admitted with serious injuries.    

     Source: The Nashua Telegraph, “New Hampshire Youths Injured In Plane Crash”, July 30, 1928, page 4. 

Revere, MA. – November 6, 1938

Revere, Massachusetts – November 6, 1938

     On November 6, 1938, an 18-year-old pilot from Malden, Massachusetts, was killed, and his 20-year-old passenger, also from Malden, was seriously injured, when their small cabin plane stalled at an altitude of 350 feet, and crashed to the ground at Mueller Airport in Revere.  The injured man was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital and placed on the danger list. with life threatening injuries. 

     The pilot had received his pilot’s license only two weeks earlier.   


     The Nashua Telegraph, “Authorities Probe Revere Plane Crash”, November 7, 1938, page 5. 

     Waterbury Democrat, “School Athlete Killed In Crash”, November 7, 1938, pg. 7.


Revere, MA. – September 17, 1900

Revere, Massachusetts – September 17, 1900 

        On September 17, 1900, aeronaut John Sawyer was giving a balloon exhibition at Point-of-Pines in Revere.  After the balloon ascended to a designated altitude, Sawyer dropped away in a parachute.  When he was about twenty feet from the ground he was dashed against a pile of railroad ties and severely injured.  Although he had no broken bones, he later died of his injuries. 

     Source: Sanford Tribune, (Me.), “Shaking Up Caused Death”, September 21, 1900.   

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