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      These links are offered to assist researchers looking for information not found on this website.   

     New England

     New England Historical Society Website has  some articles about aviation history. Look under archives/aviation.

     Historic New England  Website has some aviation related articles.  


     New England Air Museum

     National Helicopter Museum (Connecticut) 

     Connecticut Air And Space Center

     A website devoted to Gustave Whitehead; an early aviator who many believe flew before the Wright Brothers.

     Lordship Aviation – The History of Lordship (Connecticut)  A website with information about aviation history that happened in Lordship, Connecticut. (With photos and news clippings.)


     Maine Air Museum

     Brunswick (Maine) Naval Museum & Memorial  A museum of the former Brunswick Naval Air Station.

     Aviation Archeology In Maine Website has a wealth of information pertaining to Maine aviation accidents.   

     Loring Air Force Base (Limestone, Maine) History website.  Contains a lot of historical information about Loring AFB.

     Presque Isle Air Museum,


     Massachusetts Air And Space Museum

     The Massachusetts Aviation Historical Society,

     Westover Air Force Base Crashes – An extensive website about Westover AFB containing much information and photos.

     Patriot Squadron Association of Naval Aviation.  A site with historical information pertaining to Squantum and South Weymouth Naval Air Stations in Massachusetts.  Dean Boys Air Force Home Page.  Website dedicated to the 551st and 552nd Airborne Early Warning and Control Wings.  The 551st was stationed at Otis AFB in the 1960s during which time the unit lost three EC-121 Super Constellation radar aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean with the loss of 50 lives.  There is extensive information about these accidents. A website relating to the history of the Plum Island Airport, and two aviation history museums located on the property.

     Westover Yesterday – has photos and historical information relating to Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

     A-4 Skyhawk Association – a website dedicated to A-4 Skyhawk squadrons at South Weymouth Naval Air Station.  Has photos and historical information.  

     New Hampshire

     New Hampshire Aviation Historical Society

     Bomber Crash On Mt. Waternomee, by Rick Russack.  Page about the B-18 Bomber that crashed on Mt. Waternomee, New Hampshire, Jan. 14, 1942.

Rhode Island

     Quonset Air Museum (Rhode Island) The Quonset Air Museum has permanently closed.

     Chet’s 152nd Observation Scrapbook.  Website has historic military photos of Hillsgrove (R.I.) Army Air Field during WWII relating to the 152nd Observation Squadron.

     The Shipwrecks And Submerged Cultural Resources Of Rhode Island.  A Rhode Island state website where one can download a PDF file relating to underwater archaeological sites in Rhode Island waters.  Pages 100 through 119 list all known aircraft and their serial numbers, as well as rough locations.  The extensive list includes both military and civilian aircraft.  

     Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame

     Rhode Island Pilots Association


     History of Vermont Plane Crashes by Brian Linder, (November, 2014)  Brian is Vermont’s foremost aviation historian.  His article chronicles some of Vermont’s most interesting aviation accidents. http://www,  

     Vermont Aviation History And Aeronautics Project.  A website about Vermont Aviation History.

     World War II   Website by Peter den Tek of the Netherlands honoring fallen allied aircrews of World War II. Some airmen were from New England.

Other Reference Sites

     Civil Air Patrol Patches & Insignia  Website has images of insignia worn by all C.A.P. units across the country including New England.  Website has info on hiking trails leading to New England aviation crash sites. 

     Early Birds Of Aviation Inc.  A history of early pilots, some from New England.

     Friends Of Flying Santa A project begun in 1929 where “Santa” flies over islands off the New England coast and drops presents.  Has history and photos.  A very informative website about all things relating to airships and their history.

     Air Mail Pioneers   An informative website dedicated to the history of the U.S. Airmail Service and it’s pilots.  Some of the earliest airmail flights took place in New England.    

    Ejection History  A detailed website containing a chronological listing of cases where airmen have had to eject from their aircraft. 

     Abandoned & Little Known Airfields  A website containing information and pictures relating to airfields that used to exist throughout New England and the United States.

     Plane Crash Map – A website listing fatal aviation accidents by state, with detailed information. 

     U.S. Coast Guard Aviation History – A website dedicated to Coast Guard aviation history which includes information pertaining to New England.

     Aircraft Engine Historical Society – An extensive website pertaining to aircraft engines used on all types of aircraft.  

     National Balloon Museum:

Some Commercial Airlines That Flew From New England 

     American Airlines Museum –

     Delta Airlines Museum

     Northeast Airlines Museum

     Pan Am Airlines Museum

    Airline History Museum




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