Revere, MA. – September 17, 1900

Revere, Massachusetts – September 17, 1900 

        On September 17, 1900, aeronaut John Sawyer was giving a balloon exhibition at Point-of-Pines in Revere.  After the balloon ascended to a designated altitude, Sawyer dropped away in a parachute.  When he was about twenty feet from the ground he was dashed against a pile of railroad ties and severely injured.  Although he had no broken bones, he later died of his injuries. 

     Source: Sanford Tribune, (Me.), “Shaking Up Caused Death”, September 21, 1900.   

Revere, MA – August 2, 1901

Revere, Massachusetts – August 2, 1901


    balloon At about 5 p.m., on August 2, 1901, aeronaut Frank P. McBride, of Meriden, Connecticut, made a balloon ascension from the Point-of-Pines section of the town of Revere.  Just as the balloon reached an altitude of 100 feet it suddenly collapsed, and began to fall.  McBride was too low to use his parachute, and was forced to stay with the balloon.  Thankfully a cross-wind helped to slow the craft’s downward speed, pushing it sideways as it fell.  When the gondola hit the ground McBride was flipped from the basket and landed on his feet, breaking a bone in his left heel and injuring his back.

     McBride was injured in another balloon accident on July 18, 1901, when he ascended from Ulmer Park, New Jersey.  While over Brooklyn, New York, a strong wind buffeted his balloon against trees and buildings before he was finally pitched through a window. 

      Source: The Meriden Weekly Republican, “Aeronaut McBride Hurt Near Boston”, August 8, 1901


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