Narragansett Bay – January 10, 1946

Narragansett Bay – January 10, 1946


U.S. Navy Grumman Avenger
U.S. Navy Photo

    On January 10, 1946, Ensign John F. Grady took off from the Quonset Point Naval Air Station in a TBM-3E Avenger, (Bu. No. 53798), for a test flight of the aircraft.  The flight was normal and without incident until Ensign Grady was making his final approach to land.  As he was approaching the runway from the direction of Narragansett Bay the aircraft suddenly lost all power.  Grady attempted to restore power by using the primer and emergency fuel pump, but was unsuccessful, and was forced to make an emergency water landing in Narragansett Bay.  The plane sank within two minutes, but Grady was uninjured, and was quickly rescued by a crash boat. 

     The aircraft was later recovered.   

     The cause of the accident was determined to be mechanical, with no blame assessed to the pilot.   


     U. S. Navy Accident report dated January 10, 1946. 

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