Jamestown, R. I. – August 28, 1991

Jamestown, Rhode Island – August 28, 1991

     On August 28, 1991, two men took off from Quonset Point State Airport in a Waco YMF-5 single engine bi-plane for a routine flight.  Ten minutes later the aircraft began to lose power and the pilot attempted an emergency landing at Watson Farm on Jamestown Island.  In doing so, the aircraft clipped some trees and nosed into the ground.  Although the aircraft was damaged, the two men aboard were not seriously injured.  They were transported to Newport Hospital and released.  


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Jamestown, R. I. – July 11, 1955

Jamestown, Rhode Island – July 11, 1955

     On July 11, 1955, a U. S. Navy F3D2 Skynight jet fighter was coming in to land at the Quonset Point Naval Air Station when the pilot lost control of the aircraft due to an undetermined malfunction.  The aircraft was returning from a routine test flight after just having maintenance done to it.  

     The aircraft continued out across Narragansett Bay towards  Jamestown Island.  When it was evident that the pilot could not regain control, both he and a rear seat observer ejected.  The pilot landed safely on the shore of Jamestown Island, and waded out to a fishing boat, the owner of which took him out to meet up with the “crash boat” from Quonset Point.     

     The observer landed safely in Narragansett Bay and was rescued shortly by the crew of the Quonset crash boat.

     Meanwhile, the fighter jet had crashed and exploded on Narragansett Street on Jamestown Island leaving a 25 feet wide crater.   Nobody on the ground was injured.


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Jamestown, R.I. – October 25, 1943

Jamestown, Rhode Island – October 25, 1943


Douglas SBD-6 Dauntless
U.S. Navy Photo

     On October 25, 1943, flight of SBD Dauntless aircraft was passing over Jamestown on a patrol training flight.  As the aircraft began to peel off, one SBD-5 Dauntless, (Bu. No. 28822), was seen to go into a right-spin and nose dive to the ground where it crashed and burned.  Both men aboard were killed instantly.

     Pilot: Ensign Charles Morgan Perry, age 22.  He’s buried in Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven, Connecticut.   To see a photo of him, go to www.findagrave.com, memorial #14739026.

     Gunner: Keith Eugene Phend, age 21.  He’s buried in Greenhill Cemetery in Columbia City, Indiana.  

     Both men were assigned to VC-31. 


     U.S. Navy Accident Report, #44-9297


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