Lake Cauconigumoc, Maine – Sept., 1927

Lake Cauconigumoc, Maine – September, 1927

     In early September of 1927, Connecticut’s Governor John H. Trumbull was visiting Maine’s Governor Ralph Owen Brewster in Maine.  Brewster had arranged for Trumbull to fly from Moosehead Lake to Augusta in a Maine State Forestry airplane, but after inspecting the aircraft, Trumbull decided he didn’t like what he saw, and opted to take a train instead.  

     On September 5, Pilot George Maxim of the Maine Forestry Department was flying two passengers over Lake Cauconigumoc in the very same airplane when it crashed and sank in the lake, taking Maxim and one passenger to the bottom.

      Source: New York Times, “Gov. Trumbull’s Judgment Saves His Life; Plane He Refused To Fly In Crashes In Lake”, September 9, 1927   

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