Berkley Airfield – May 25, 1947

Berkley Airfield – May 25, 1947

Cumberland, Rhode Island

     On May 25, 1947, Harold H. Horning, 25, was attempting to take off from Berkley Airfield in Cumberland, when the engine suddenly lost power just after he had left the ground.  Horning managed to maneuver the aircraft away from a group of boys playing baseball at the far end of the field just before crashing.    

     The aircraft was wrecked, but Horning, and his two passengers, (brother) Edward Horning, 30, and Raymond Paquette, 46, all escaped without injury.    

     Berkley Airfield once existed in the Berkley section of the town of Cumberland, R. I..    


Providence Journal, “Men Escape Without Injuries As Plane Crashes In Cumberland”, May 26, 1947, Pg. 1 

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