Berkley Airfield – May 25, 1947

Berkley Airfield – May 25, 1947

Cumberland, Rhode Island

       On May 25, 1947, a 25-year old pilot from Pawtucket took off in a small biplane from Berkley Airfield in Cumberland, with his brother and a friend aboard as passengers.   Just after becoming airborne the engine started to run erratically so the pilot turned back to make an emergency landing.  As he was approaching the field he noticed some boys playing baseball, and had to re-direct his course to avoid them.  When he did so the aircraft struck some electrical wires tearing off the wings and causing the plane to crash.  Despite the damage to the plane, neither the pilot or his passengers suffered injury.   

     Berkley Airfield once existed in the Berkley section of the town of Cumberland, R. I..    


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