Ashland, ME. – July 29, 1929

Ashland, Maine – July 29, 1929 

     Few details are known about this accident.

     On the evening of July 29, 1929, two men and a 12-year-old boy, all of Ashland, reportedly went flying in hopes of escaping the “excessive (summer) heat on the ground”.   For reasons not stated, the plane crashed and one of those aboard was killed, although the newspaper article does not state who.   The cause of the crash and type of aircraft are also unknown.  


     New Britain Herald, (Conn.), “Plane Crash Probed; One Dead, Two Hurt”, July 30, 1929, pg. 8 

Ashland, ME. – August 22, 1937

Ashland, Maine – August 22, 1937 

     On August 22, 1937, a centennial celebration was in progress in the town of Ashland, during which, a 26-year-0ld pilot from Massachusetts was giving rides in his airplane.  At the completion of one of the flights, the plane was approaching an open field preparing to land when it suddenly nosed over and dove into the ground.  There was no fire afterwards. Hundreds of spectators rushed to the scene but there was nothing that could be done.  Both the pilot and his passenger had been killed instantly.         

     Source: The Nashua Telegraph, “Airman In Fatal Crash Well Known In This City”, August 23, 1937, page 1. 

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