Winthrop, MA. – July 27, 1931

Winthrop, Massachusetts – July 27, 1931

     On July 27, 1931, U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Olaf Pierson of Caribou, Maine, and civilian Fred O’Neil of Buffalo, New York, were piloting an experimental aircraft over the Boston metropolitan area.  The aircraft, a converted monoplane, was owned by the Engineers Aircraft Corporation, and the purpose of the flight was to test its performance.  While engaging in a series of maneuvers, the safety belt holding the flyers in place suddenly broke and both men were hurled out into space while at an altitude of 4,000 feet.  Fortunately they were wearing parachutes, and both landed safely.  The aircraft plunged into the water off Winthrop and was destroyed.


     Unknown Newspaper, “Two Fliers Thrown Bodily From Plane”, July 28, 1931

     Memories Of Maine –  Aroostook County Edition, “Pierson The Potato Prince”, By Aimee N. Lanteigne,




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