Wallingford, CT. – May 24, 1931

Wallingford, Connecticut – May 24, 1931

     On the evening of May 24, 1931, three male friends took off from the Wallingford Airport in a small biplane aircraft.  At the controls was a 23-year-old licensed pilot, but his license didn’t allow him to carry passengers, nor fly outside of landing distance of the airport.  It was later reported that the two friends had urged the pilot to take them on a flight and after some hesitation he agreed.       

     During the flight the pilot reportedly went into a steep spinning dive, but pulled out too sharply at the bottom, causing a wing to suddenly break free.  The airplane then plummeted to the ground about a mile from the airport, and all three men perished. 

     The aircraft was owned by the Mile High Flying Company of Wallingford, of which the pilot and one of the passengers were members.     


     Waterbury Democrat, “Stunting In The Air caused The Death Of Three”, May 25, 1931 

Wallingford, CT – November 23, 1940

Wallingford, Connecticut – November 23, 1940

     On November 23, 1940, Omar Simonds, 20, a student at Yale University, and part of the University’s student pilot training program, was taking off from Lufbery Airport when the aircraft pancaked into a gully near the end of the runway.   He was transported to New Haven Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.  It was reported that the airplane, although heavily damaged,  could be repaired.   

     Source: New York Times, “Student Pilot In Crash”, November 24, 1940

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