Plymouth, CT. – November 25, 1979

Plymouth, Connecticut – November 25, 1979

     On November 25, 1979, a glider with two men aboard was towed from Waterbury Airport up to an altitude of 6,000 feet before it was cut loose.  The flight was going well until the glider was suddenly caught in a downdraft and began to rapidly loose altitude before leveling off at 2,000 feet.  With the unexpected loss of altitude, the glider was now lower than anticipated, and could not make it to its designated landing area.  Sighting an open field of the Terryville Fairgrounds, the pilot aimed for it.  (Terryville is a village within the town of Plymouth.)   Just as the glider was about to land, a large bird suddenly flew from a tree and struck one of the wings causing the aircraft to pivot and cartwheel into the ground.  The aircraft suffered damage, but neither pilot or passenger were hurt.  


     Providence Evening Bulletin, “Glider Crashes After Striking Bird; 2 Men Unhurt”, November 26, 1979, page A-7

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