Newbury, N.H. – November 21, 1949

Newbury, New Hampshire – November 21, 1949


North American Texan Military Trainer
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     Much has been written and documented about this crash which can be found elsewhere on the Internet. 

     On November 20, 1949, 18-year-old Harvard freshman John M. Moses took off from Bridgeport, Connecticut, bound for Boston, in a military surplus AT-6 “Texan” trainer aircraft, which had been converted for civilian use and given the civil registration number of N66221.  While in-route he encountered darkness and thick clouds and crashed near the summit of Mount Blood in Newbury, New Hampshire.  (Some accounts have referred to the mountain as “Bald Mountain”, and “Sunapee Mountain”.)

     Moses had bailed out of the aircraft prior to impact but the parachute didn’t deploy properly and he perished.  The aircraft crashed and exploded, with the engine reportedly coming to rest fifty yards from the wreckage.     

     To see another newspaper article and Mr. Moses’ grave, click here:


     The Evening Star, (Wash. D.C.), “Harvard Flyer Found Dead, Parachute Half Opened”, November 21, 1949.

     “Sunapee Mountain Plane Crash Remembered”, by William A. Murgatory, Jr., 2009.



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