Springfield, Mass. – Sept. 21, 1929

Springfield, Massachusetts – September 21, 1929

On Sept. 21, 1929, Arthur E. Center of Springfield took off in an open-cockpit bi-plane to do some stunt flying over the city.  Earlier in the day he had been stunt flying with an instructor, but this time he was solo.  Unfortunately he had forgotten to wear his seatbelt, and while conducting a roll at 1,800 feet he fell out of the plane!  Fortunately he was wearing a parachute which he was able to deploy before hitting the ground.  He landed safely in a field off St. James Avenue.

The airplane dove into the same field where Center landed and was demolished.  It belonged to the Flying Club of Springfield.

Source: Woonsocket Call, “Chute Saves Life Of Aviator At Springfield”, Sept. 21, 1929, Pg. 3

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