Randolph, VT. – August 20, 1921

Randolph, Vermont – August 20, 1921

     On the afternoon of August 20, 1921, two young men wrecked their aircraft in the town of Randolph.  When the plane came down it struck a telephone pole, breaking it in half.  It then continued on into a fence and crashed nose first into a wooded embankment.  At the point of final rest, a large stick had penetrated the cockpit narrowly missing the pilot’s head. 

     The plane reportedly came down “near the E. H. Mason, or D. H. Morse, farm on the so-called “Sandhill” road, toward Perth…”

     Despite the aircraft being a total loss, the pilot and his passenger were uninjured.  The cause of the crash was thought by some to be an underpowered engine for the size and weight of the aircraft.       

     The type of aircraft was not reported. 


     The Barre Daily Times, (Vt.), “Airplane Came Down A Wreck”, August 22, 1921, pg. 1

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