Agawam, MA. – September 7, 1928

Agawam, Massachusetts – September 7, 1928

     It seems there was once a small airfield in Agawam, Massachusetts, that was known as Randall Field, which is said to have opened in 1927, prior to the existence of the Agawam Bowles Airport. 

      On September 7, 1928, a small airplane with three people aboard took off from Randall Field.  There was the 25-year-old pilot and two passengers; a 21-year-old man, and a 6-year-old deaf mute boy.  The purpose of the flight was reportedly to “improve the condition” of the young boy.  The boy’s father had reportedly asked the pilot to perform some stunts “in the belief that they might help restore the child’s vocal powers.”

     The aircraft took off, and in view of many spectators performed an aerial loop at about 2,000 feet.  As the plane began to level out after the first loop, the left wing broke away and the craft suddenly began falling to the ground.  As it did so the right wing folded and broke.  The airplane plunged into a swamp near the airport, and those who arrived first to the scene discovered that the passengers  had perished.   The pilot died a short time later as he was being carried from the wreck. 

     The accident had been witnessed by the boys father. 


     New Britain Herald (Conn.), “Three Die When Airplane Falls”, September 8, 1928. 


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