Off Provincetown, MA. – September 8, 1953

Off Provincetown, Massachusetts – September 8, 1953

     On the morning of September 8, 1953, a Twin Cessna belonging to Cape End Air Service traveled from Provincetown to Logan Airport in Boston where it discharged it passengers.  While waiting to make its return trip to Provincetown with three passengers, it was struck by a heavy gust of wind caused by the take-off of a large Convair passenger aircraft.  The gust pushed the Cessna into a loading ramp causing a hole to be punctured in the fuselage. 

     With this aircraft unable to make the return trip, a single-engine Stinson plane normally operated by another airline, was hired to carry the three passengers to Provincetown. 

    The plane took off at 10:00 A.M. with good weather and visibility.  As the plane was nearing the western coast of Provincetown the pilot radioed the he was having engine trouble, and moments later the plane plunged into the water about a mile off Race Point.  A Coast Guard rescue boat set out to the scene, as did private boats in the area. 

     The 26-year-old pilot, and a 41-year-old woman passenger were rescued, but a 69-year old woman, and a 36-year-old male passenger drowned before help could arrive.     


     The Provincetown Advocate, “Two Lost As Plane Crashes In Sea Mile Off Race Point”, September 9, 1953 

Off Provincetown, MA. – August 18, 1985

Off Provincetown, Massachusetts – August 18, 1985 

     On the morning of August 18, 1985, a Tiverton, Rhode Island, man took off from Provincetown Municipal Airport in a single-engine Piper Cherokee 6 airplane.  Shortly after takeoff the engine lost all power, and the pilot diverted the aircraft out over the water to avoid beach goers.  The aircraft crash-landed in the water about 200 yards off Racepoint Beach.  The pilot extricated himself and began swimming towards shore.  Lifeguards on shore set out in a boat to rescue the pilot who was not injured.  The partially submerged aircraft was towed to shore by the Coast Guard.    

     Source: Providence Journal, “R. I. Pilot Crashes Off Provincetown, Swims To Shore”, August 19, 1985, page A-3 

Off Provincetown, MA. – June 14, 1980

Off Provincetown, Massachusetts – June 14, 1980

     Shortly before 3:00 p.m. on June 14, 1980, a Cessna Centurion with four people aboard left Provincetown Airport for an unknown destination.   At the time of its departure, bad weather was closing in fast, and low cloud cover blanketed the area.  Not log after leaving the airport, the Cessna was seen to come out of the low clouds in an upside-down position, and crash into the water about 800 yards off Race Point Beach, which is a short distance from the airport.  All four people aboard perished. 


     Providence Evening Bulletin, “4 New York Residents Killed In Airplane Crash Off Cape Cod”, June 16, 1980, page A-6


Provincetown, MA – February 21, 1961

Provincetown, Massachusetts – February 21, 1961

     On February 21, 1961, Manuel Phillips was piloting a small private plane over the Provincetown area while his passenger, John D. Bell, was taking photographs, when the plane suddenly went down nose first into the water just off Long Point.  Both men were rescued and neither was seriously hurt. 

     Bell had been a staff photographer for the Falmouth Enterprise from November, 1955, until the summer of 1957.     

     Source: Falmouth Enterprise, “Photographer Hurt In Airplane Crash”, February 24, 1961

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