Plymouth, CT. – June 15, 1946

Plymouth, Connecticut – June 15, 1946

     On the afternoon of June 15, 1946, an 18-year-old pilot and his 17-year-old passenger, both of Terryville, Ct., were flying in a rented airplane over the area of the Mount Tobe Airport in Plymouth, when the plane crashed killing both occupants.  At the time of the accident, the pilot was putting the aircraft through a series of “wing over” maneuvers at a low altitude.   

      The county coroner’s investigation report read in part: “As he (the pilot) reached the extreme northeasterly corner of the field at an altitude of about 250 feet, he put the plane into a steep bank to the left as though to come around and land in a southwesterly direction.  The plane banked part way around, the nose went up into a stall, and the plane fell off on the left wing into a spin.  After two complete revolutions in the spin, he crashed at the northeasterly corner of the field, killing both occupants”.        

     The type of aircraft involved in the accident is unknown. 


     The Waterbury Democrat, “Coroner Blames Pilot For Crash At Mount Tobe Which Killed Two”, July 25, 1946, pg. 16

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