Mr. Gracier’s Aeroplane, Darien, CT. – 1911

Mr. Gracier’s Aeroplane, Darien, CT. – 1911

     The following brief news snippet was found in The Bridgeport Evening Farmer, dated March 8, 1911.  No further details are known as of this posting.

     Noroton Heights is part of the town of Darien, Connecticut.

Building A Biplane 

     “Mr. Gracier, chauffeur for Anson Phelps Stokes is building a biplane flying machine in Noroton Heights.  The work will probably be completed before spring is over.  The machine is a 25-foot biplane resembling a Wright model and is being constructed entirely by Mr. Gracier.  It is to have a high powered motor.  Mr. Gracier expects to make his trail flights in Noroton Heights.”

     Source: The Bridgeport Evening Farmer, “Building A Biplane”, March 8, 1911, page 7

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