Newport, ME. – November 13, 1925

Newport, Maine – November 13, 1925

     On November 13, 1925, a severe gale-storm swept through the area of Newport, Maine.  At the Newport Aviation Field, well known aviator George W. Maxim kept his airplane, “The Standard”.  The aircraft was securely tied down, but heavy rains loosened the soil in which the stakes holding the plane down were driven.  Furthermore, winds reportedly reached speeds of 80 mph.  Workers at the airfield noticed that the plane seemed to be straining at the ropes, and attempted to add more ropes, and as they were doing so the aircraft suddenly broke free and was raised up into the air (reportedly) “about as high as a house”. When it came crashing down the damage to the plane was estimated to be $1,500.  There were no injuries to the workers.  


      Daily Kennebec Journal, (ME.), “Maxim Airplane Wrecked Friday Storm”, November 14, 1925, page 14. 

Lake Sebasticook, ME. – August 9, 1967

Lake Sebasticook, Maine – August 9, 1967

     On August 9, 1967, a 50-year-old Topsham man took a Cessna 185 equipped with pontoons from its lakeside hangar and attempted to take it for a ‘joy ride” on Lake Sebasticook in Newport, Maine.  The man did not have a pilot license, and the plane did not belong to him.  As he was trying to take off, the plane capsized, but the pontoons prevented the aircraft from completely sinking to the bottom of the lake.  The man managed to escape, and was arrested a short time later when he swam to shore.  The plane was valued between thirty to forty thousand dollars.  

     Source: Bangor Daily News, “Stolen Plane Wrecked”, August 12, 1967

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