Nashua, N. H. – January 11, 1949

Nashua, New Hampshire – January 11, 1949

     On the afternoon of January 11, 1949, two young men rented a yellow Piper Cub, (NC 88059), at the Nashua Airport and took off towards the nearby town of Milford.  About ten minutes later the aircraft was seen heading back towards the airport when it went into a steep turn and then crashed in a thickly wooded section about a mile northwest of the Cadorette Farm on Milford, Road.  Both men were killed instantly.  

     Although the aircraft had been demolished, there was no fire afterward,  A search for the missing plane was instituted, during which one of the volunteers, a 54-year-old man from Milford, suffered a heart attack and passed away. 


     The Nashua Telegraph, “Nashuans Die In Plane crash; Searcher dead”, January 11, 1949, page 1. (With two photos of aircraft)


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