Nashua, N. H. – June 5, 1936

Nashua, New Hampshire – June 5, 1936

     On the early morning of June 5, 1936, a 24-year-old pilot took off from Nashua Airport in a two-cockpit Command-Aire bi-plane for a solo flight.  He later returned to the airport shortly before 7 a.m. and attempted to land.  According to a witness, the aircraft appeared to overshoot the landing field and the pilot gunned the engine in an attempt to go around for another try.  As he did so the engine stalled, and the aircraft nosed over and crashed, and came to rest on its back pinning the pilot inside. 

     Two men who witnessed the accident rushed to the scene and after shutting off the ignition, pulled the pilot from the wreckage.  The pilot was transported to Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on June 8. 

     The pilot was a student pilot who was attempting to log enough solo hours to get his license.  

     This accident was reported to be “the first serious crash” at the Nashua Airport since establishment of the field.  

     Source: The Nashua Telegraph, “Nashua Aviator Near Death In Airport Crackup”, June 5, 1936, page 1.  


Nashua Airport, N.H. – January 14, 1973

Nashua Airport,

Nashua, New Hampshire – January 14, 1973

     At about 10:00 a.m. on January 14, 1973, two single-engine private aircraft collided when they attempted to land simultaneously at Nashua Airport.   The first plane, a Piper Cherokee, (N595FL), piloted by a man from Lowell, Massachusetts, landed first.  Seconds later the second airplane, a Cessna 150, (N4239U), piloted by a man from Nashua, came down atop of the first, its propeller and landing gear intruding into the first aircraft.  The impact forced the nose of the first plane downward scraping it along the runway.  The pilot of the first aircraft was not seriously injured.


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