Nantucket, MA. – April 6, 1945

Nantucket, Massachusetts – April 6, 1945 


     On April 6, 1945, a navy Fg-1D Corsair aircraft, (Bu. No. 76648), was returning to the Nantucket Naval Auxiliary Air Field from a training flight when the engine began to cut out while the aircraft was still at 5,500 feet.  As the pilot came in for an emergency landing the engine lost all power.  The aircraft made a hard landing on the right wing and flipped over on its back.  The pilot suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the aircraft was damaged beyond repair.  

     The pilot was assigned to VBF-92.

     Source: U. S. Navy accident report dated April 6, 1945

Nantucket, MA. – March 4, 1945

Nantucket, Massachusetts – March 4, 1945


U.S. Navy F6F Hellcat
U.S. Navy photo

     On March 4, 1945, an Ensign piloting an F6F-5 Hellcat, (Bu. No. 77477),  taxied into position for takeoff at the Nantucket Naval Air Station.  After being granted clearance, he proceeded down the runway. When the aircraft had reached an altitude of about 20 feet, the engine suddenly cut out and lost all power.  The plane touched down approximately 100 feet beyond the end of the runway while still traveling at a considerable speed, where it struck a small mound and again left the ground.  It then stalled, and fell again, landing on the left wing and flipping over. 

     The pilot suffered a fractured vertebra, and the plane was wrecked, but did not burn.  The aircraft had been assigned to VF-92.

     Source:  U. S. Navy crash report, 10-45. 

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