Mount Wachusett, Mass. – April 4, 1947

Mount Wachusett, Princeton, Mass., – April 4, 1947

     On April 4, 1947, two men rented a small airplane at Bolton (Mass.) Airfield for a sightseeing flight.  While circling the town of Princeton, Massachusetts, near the summit of Mt. Wachusett, the aircraft abruptly dove sharply and crashed into the south side of the mountain. 

     A witness to the crash stated he saw one of the men aboard wave to him a few seconds before the plane hit.  The plane exploded on impact and both pilot and passenger were killed.

     The dead were identified as David Wright, (20) the pilot, and Peter May, (23) the passenger.

     Source: New York Times, “Two Veterans Killed In Hired Plane Crash”, April 4, 1947.  

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