The Moth Aircraft Corporation

     The Moth Aircraft Corporation 

     In December of 1928, The Moth Aircraft Corporation of New York announced it would be opening a 90,000 square foot aircraft manufacturing factory in Lowell, Massachusetts, next to the Lowell Airport.  The company held the exclusive license of the de Havilland and “Moth” aircraft used by the British military. 

     The company expected to initially employ 200 workers.

     A man named M. M. Warren was company president. 

     In July of 1929 it was announced that the company would be added to the Curits-Wright Corporation’s holdings. 

     In August of 1929 the Moth Corporation announced that the company had reached it’s normal production goal of producing one airplane per day.  Sales for that month were reported to be $100,000.  It was anticipated that sales would continue to increase, and plans were being considered for doubling the capacity of the factory to meet the demand. 


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