Montgomery Airport – North Smithfield, R. I.


Montgomery Airport Ad
Woonsocket Call
October 3, 1931

     Montgomery Airport was located on Mendon Road in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, where the St. Antoine Skilled Nursing Residence is located today.   The nursing home is located on the North Smithfield – Woonsocket, city line. 

     The airport can trace its origins to circa 1927, when the area was known as “Ballou’s Field” because the land belonged to R. W. Ballou of North Smithfield.  Airplanes had been using the field for landings and takeoffs but it lacked formal runways, structures, or services.  At this point in time Woonsocket didn’t have an airport, and the field made for a convenient place to have an airfield.  

     A case in point occurred on August 15, 1928 when a large ten-motor Waco bi-plane with two men aboard made a forced landing due to fading sunlight.  Upon landing the plane came into contact with a wire fence but there was no real damage done, and neither occupant was injured.  The plane was then roped off to keep the curious crowds from getting too close to it.  

     In 1928 or ’29 the land was purchased by prominent Woonsocket resident John Montgomery with the intention of developing the area into a recognized airport.  It was renamed Montgomery Field and eventually grew to have two runways, one 1,700 feet long, and the other 1,400 feet long, as well as a 50 by 60 foot hangar which offered aviation fuel, oil, and aircraft repairs.  The airport also offered flying lessons and an occasional airshow during which pilots would perform stunts and parachute drops. 

     Mr. Montgomery had been born in Stornoway, Scotland, March 10, 1881, and came to America at an early age, settling in upstate New York.  He came to Woonsocket in 1914 and worked as manager of the Machine & Press Co. on Second Ave.  In 1924 he established the Montgomery Tool Machinery Company and had many patents to his credit. Mr. Montgomery passed away at his home at 121 Highland Street, in August of 1937 after a five week illness.

      On June 30, 1934, three large army planes came to Montgomery Field one of which was wrecked.  For more info click on link below.

     By 1934, Woonsocket had an airport of its own. 

     The Montgomery Airport closed circa 1937 when the land was sold to the Catholic Diocese for construction of the St. Antoine Nursing Home.  

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