Milford, N. H. – October 13, 1929

Milford, New Hampshire – October 13, 1929

     On the morning of October 13, 1929, a pilot was giving sightseeing rides in a Waco aircraft at the Fitch Flying Field in Milford.  Over the course of the day he’d made several successful flights carrying passengers.    Shortly after 3:00 p.m. he took off again with two men aboard.   Just after becoming airborne the engine suddenly stopped, and the pilot attempted to land on an open piece of property adjacent to the airport.  Just as it appeared that he would make a safe landing the airplane’s landing gear caught a telephone wire running along Brookline Road, which caused the plane to nose dive into the ground and disintegrate.  Although the plane was destroyed, all three men survived, but suffered serious injuries.  One suffered a dislocated hip; another a broken leg and facial lacerations, and the third had to have his foot amputated. 

     Source: The Nashau Telegraph, “Three Injured When Plane Crashes At Milford, Treated At Hospitals – Condition Of Each Is Better Today”, October 14, 1929, page 1.       


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