Meriden, CT. – February 17, 1966

Meriden, Connecticut – February 17, 1966

     On the afternoon of February 17, 1966, a 35-year-old pilot took off from Meriden-Markham Airport in a small 4-seat aircraft on what was to be a test flight after some work had been done to the engine. Shortly afterward the engine began running rough, and the aircraft began loosing altitude.  Unable to return to the airport, the plane crashed in a housing development less than a mile from the airport.  Both wings were torn away in the crash, and the fuselage tore up lawns and small shrubs, but there was no serious damage done to any homes, and nobody on the ground was reported to be injured.  When the plane came to rest it caught fire, but the pilot was able to extricate himself without suffering serious injury.  He was transported to Meridian Hospital for treatment.


     New London Day, “Pilot Escapes From Meriden Plane Crash”, February 18, 1966  


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