Mendon, MA. – August 14, 1931

Mendon, Massachusetts – August 14, 1931

     On August 14, 1931, two 23-year-old women arrived at the Mendon Airport to take a plane ride.  They were friends with the airport’s chief pilot who’d offered to take them on a sight seeing flight. 

     The aircraft they would be flying in was a new bi-plane. 

     The plane took off, but when it reached an altitude of about 750 feet it suddenly fell to the ground and crashed.  The pilot and two passengers were transported to Milford Hospital with serious injuries.  Within hours both women succumbed to their injuries. 


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Mendon, MA – August 2, 1931

Mendon, Massachusetts – August 2, 1931 

     On August 2, 1931, two men took off from an open field near the Pine Hill Cemetery in Mendon, Mass.  The aircraft was an older model American Eagle airplane.  The plane had barely left the ground when it struck a pole, and then a large pine tree, before it crashed onto Providence Street.  Both men escaped with minor injuries, although the aircraft had sustained serious damage.

     The pilot had landed in the field a short time earlier to make a quick repair.  


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