Martha’s Vineyard – October 14, 1929

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts – October 14, 1929

     On October 14, 1929, a student pilot from Brookline, Massachusetts, was piloting a Curtiss Robin practicing take offs and landings on Martha’s Vineyard.  As he was gliding in for a landing, the tail skid of the aircraft struck the windshield of Ford roadster that was parked at the field.  The lone occupant of the vehicle was badly cut by the flying glass.  (Automobiles of this era did not have safety glass.) After being given first aid by some at the airfield, he was taken to see Doctor Roswell H. Smith of Edgartown for treatment of his wounds.

     The student pilot later stated he hadn’t seen the parked Ford, and didn’t realize he’d hit anything until he felt a bump in the rear of the aircraft while landing.    

     This was reported to be the first case of an automobile being struck by an airplane on Martha’s Vineyard.

     Source: Vineyard Gazette, “Airplane Crashes Into Amidon Car”, October 18, 1929, page 1.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA. – April 8, 1945

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts – April 8, 1945


U.S. Navy F6F Hellcat
U.S. Navy photo

     On the night of April 8, 1945, an Ensign piloting an F6F Hellcat, (Bu. No. 71551), was approaching the runway at Martha’s Vineyard Air Field, but forgot to lower the landing gear.  The aircraft landed with the wheels up and began to skid along the tarmac during which time the belly fuel tank ruptured and burst into flame.  Fortunately the pilot was able to escape the burning plane unharmed.  The aircraft was destroyed by the fire.

     Source: U.S. Navy crash report


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