Mt. Equinox, VT – November 18, 1973

Mt. Equinox, Vermont – November 18, 1973

Town of Manchester

     On November 18, 1973, three Dartmouth College students left Lebanon, New Hampshire, bound for Schenectady, New York, in a single-engine Piper Cherokee.  The aircraft belonged to the Dartmouth Flying Club.   As the plane was passing over the Manchester, Vermont, area it crashed into 3,880 foot Mount Equinox.   All three men were killed in the crash.

     The students were identified as:

     Edwin Estepa, 19, of the Bronx, New York.

     James M. Dougherty, 21, of Feura Bush, New York.

     Charles Alpert, 18, of Westfield, New Jersey. 


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Manchester, VT – July 20, 1974

Manchester, Vermont – July 20, 1974

     On July 20, 1974, four men took off in a small private airplane from Equinox Airport in Manchester.  The plane crashed shortly after takeoff about a quarter of a mile from the airport, taking down some power lines.  All four men received various non-life threatening injuries.

     Source: Nashua Telegraph, “4 Injured In Vermont Plane Crash”, July 22, 1974, page 32

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