Madison, CT. – December 3, 1950

Madison, Connecticut – December 3, 1950

     On Saturday, December 2, 1950, three national guardsmen rented a plane and flew from Aberdeen, Maryland, to Wilkins Airport in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, to visit family for the night.  On Sunday, December 3, as the three were preparing to fly back to Maryland, they learned that they would be flying through bad weather conditions over Connecticut.  At that time one of the men opted not to fly, and made other arrangements.  The other two men decided to fly, and took off for Maryland.  While over the town of Madison, Connecticut, the plane became lost in heavy fog, and the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in an open lot.  The plane crash landed suffering heavy damage.  Both men were transported to Middlesex Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.  The passenger was held overnight for observation; the pilot was treated and released. 


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Madison, CT. – June 25, 1983

Madison, Connecticut – June 25, 1983

     On June 25, 1983, the third annual Shoreline Aviation Airshow was was in progress at Griswold Airport in Madison, Connecticut.  As part of the show, a 37-year-old stunt pilot from West Hartford, Conn. was performing a series of loops and rolls in a Bellanca Decathlon.  While doing so, the aircraft was seen to crash along the shoreline of the nearby Hammonasett River.  Two men in a small boat were nearby at the time of the accident and immediately went to the pilot’s aid.  The cockpit was under water, but the two men managed to keep the pilot’s head above water until more help arrived.  A rope was tied to the tail of the plane, and with the help of dozens of spectators, the aircraft was pulled from the river and the pilot freed.  The pilot was transported to a hospital in critical condition, and succumbed to his injuries four days later.


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