Winsor Locks, CT. – November 7, 1968

Winsor Locks, CT. – November 7, 1968

     On the evening of November 8, 1968, a Pilgrim Airlines twin-engine Beechcraft took off from Bradley International Airport with only a pilot and co-pilot aboard.  Shortly after take off, when the flight was about five miles southeast of the airport, the aircraft suddenly lost a three-blade propeller from one of the engines and was forced to return to the airport and make an emergency landing.   

     The cause was reported to be a gear box failure in the engine.  It was unclear where the propeller came down, and there were no reported injuries on the ground. 

     A few days after the accident the propeller still had not been recovered, and the airline offered a free airplane ride and $25 to the person who recovered and returned the propeller.    

     It is unknown if it was ever found.


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