Lincoln, R.I. – May 26, 1966

Lincoln, Rhode Island – May 26, 1966

     On May 26, 1966, a twin-engine Piper Apache aircraft, (N218P), with three people aboard, was approaching North Central State Airport in Smithfield, Rhode Island, when both engines suddenly lost all power.  The pilot, Raymond J. Morissette, the (then) Mayor of Central Falls, R.I., radioed a “May-Day” before the plane crashed into a thickly wooded section of Lincoln.  The plane came down  about one mile from the end of runway 33, to the southwest of Jenckes Hill Road in Lincoln, and to the northeast of Clark Road in Smithfield.  Although the aircraft was completely wrecked, with the wings being torn off from hitting trees, Mr. Morissette and his two passengers, a mother and her son, were able to extricate themselves and walk out of the woods to seek help.   


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Lincoln, R. I. – June 22, 1982

Lincoln, Rhode Island – June 22, 1982

     On the evening of June 22, 1982, a lone 42-year-old pilot took off from North Central State Airport in Smithfield, R. I. for a pleasure flight in his home-built, Davis model DA-2A, with the word “Experimental” on the side.  The plans for building such aircraft, it was reported, were available through magazines, and the pilot had built his in 1978.  It was approved by the FAA and the pilot had flown the aircraft many times without incident.

     About fifteen minutes into the flight the aircraft developed engine trouble, and crashed on the green near the sixth hole at Lincoln Country Club on Dexter Rock Road.   The aircraft was destroyed and the pilot was killed instantly, but nobody on the ground was injured.

     One witness reported hearing a loud “pop” from the engine just before the crash. 


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