Middleboro, MA – May 25, 1998

Middleboro, Massachusetts – May 25, 1998

     On May 25, 1998, David J. LaCroix, 60, of Taunton, and George A. Stedman Jr., 46, of Brockton, both members of the Brockton Civil Air Patrol, were taking part in a four hour C.A.P. training exercise near the Taunton Municipal Airport when their single-engine Cessna 182 aircraft suddenly experienced mechanical difficulty and crashed in a thickly wooded area of the town of Middleboro.  Neither man survived. 

     Both were long time members of the Civil Air Patrol with 6,100 hours of flight time between them.  

     Witnesses reported that just before the crash they heard the plane’s engine fade, and then “wail loudly” before quitting all together. 

     On May 22, just two days before the crash, Mr. LaCroix had flown the very same plane on a search and rescue mission looking for a downed Piper Aero which had crashed in the town of Lincoln, Massachusetts.  In that accident a man and his 5-year-old son were killed.    


     Providence Journal, “2 Killed In Mass. Crash Were Experienced Pilots”, May 27, 1998

Lincoln, MA – December 26, 1953

Lincoln, Massachusetts – December 26, 1953 

     On December 26, 1953, two aircraft, a Cessna 140, and a Stinson, were flying over Lincoln when they collided in mid-air.  Both aircraft made successful crash-landings in a field, but the Stinson caught fire afterwards causing burns to the pilot, Ambrose A. Peterson, of Lexington, Mass.  

     The two people aboard the Cessna, Joseph Yamron, 25, of Ventnor, N.J., and Sonya Garfinkle, 25, of Philadelphia, received non-life-threatening injuries. 

Source: New York Times, “3 Survive Mid-Air Crash”, December 27, 1953 

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