Cranston, R.I. – April 27, 1919

Cranston, Rhode Island – April 27, 1919 


     On April 26, 1919, several U.S. Army aircraft left Mineola, Long Island, New York, bound for Boston to take part in the flying circus Liberty Loan demonstration scheduled to take place in that city.  Due to poor weather, the aircraft became separated, and one airplane, a JN-4H, piloted by Lieutenant Douglas E. Martin, with his mechanic, Lieutenant H. E. Hall, developed engine trouble and was forced to land in Springfield, Massachusetts.  The following day they resumed their trek to Boston, but lost their way and ended up over the City of Providence, Rhode Island, and attempted to land on the grounds of Rhode Island’s State Institutions located in the Howard section of the City of Cranston.  Upon landing, a gust of wind drove the plane into the ground breaking the propeller.  There were no injuries, but the plane remained grounded until a new propeller could be installed.


     Hartford Courant, “Airplane Wrecked At Cranston, R.I.”, April 28, 1919   

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