Bellingham, MA., – August 26, 1901

Bellingham, Massachusetts – August 26, 1901

Early postcard view of Hoag Lake, Bellingham, Massachusetts

     On the afternoon of August 26, 1901, well known aeronaut Leslie Haddock was scheduled to make a balloon ascension and parachute drop at Hoag lake in Bellingham.  When the balloon was let go and began soaring upward.  Just after leaving the ground the rope holding the parachute to the base of the balloon suddenly let loose and the parachute fell to the ground, leaving Haddock suspended beneath the balloon as it continued upwards. The balloon then drifted over the theatre building and then over the lake  before it collapsed and fell into the water. 

    The balloon was retrieved and re-inflated, and Haddock prepared for another try.  This time the balloon ascended without difficulty, but when it came time for the parachute drop, Haddock discovered that the parachute was tied too tightly to the balloon and could not be released.  With no way to get down, Haddock was forced to remain on his perch as the balloon rose higher and higher.  Finally the gas in the balloon began to loose its buoyancy, and the balloon began to descend.  Haddock landed safely among some cottages near the lake.

      In the evening, Haddock made his ascension and parachute jump. 


     The Evening Call, (Woonsocket, R. I.), “Parachute Failed To Work”, August, 27, 1901.    



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