Norway Lake, ME. – June 7, 1946

Norway Lake, Maine – June 7, 1946

     On or about June 7, 1946, two young men aboard a pontoon airplane were practicing water take offs and landings on Norway Lake.  After making several successful take offs and landings, the men were attempting yet another take off, when one pontoon left the water before the other, and one of the wings struck the water flipping the plane over onto its back.   It sank rapidly taking both men with it.  Fortunately, they were able to break a window and escape to the surface, where they swam 500 yards to shore.   

     The plane was later recovered.  Damage was estimated at one-thousand dollars. 


     The Bridgeton News, (Me.), “Bridgton Boy Has Close Call In Plane Mishap”, June 7, 1946   

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