Hinsdale, MA. – November 30, 1975

Hinsdale, Massachusetts – November 30, 1975

     At 3:30 p.m., on November 30, 1975, a Piper Comanche with a four people aboard left Marshfield Airport in Massachusetts bound for Ithaca, New York.  About 30 minutes later the aircraft began to experience engine trouble, and the pilot began looking for a place to make an emergency landing.   He sighted the open shoreline of Lake Ashmere, which lies on the border of Peru, Massachusetts, and Hinsdale, and attempted to set the plane down there, but the aircraft lost power and he was forced to set down in the icy water not far from shore. 

     Besides the 26-year-olf pilot, there was the pilot’s 25-year-old wife and infant son aboard, as well as a 23-year-old family friend.  The three adults escaped from the sinking plane and swam towards shore, with the pilot supporting his son above the water.   Some people on shore set out to assist them with small boats.   

     There were no serious injuries.    


     Boston Herald – American, “Four Persons Escape Lake Plane Crash”, December 1, 1975

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