Ipswich, MA. – July 20, 1947

Ipswich, Massachusetts – July 20, 1947

     On July 20, 1947, a newlywed couple rented a Piper Cub airplane in Revere, Massachusetts, for a sight-seeing flight.  Approximately one hour later, while passing 500 feet above the north shore of Ipswich, the engine suddenly lost all power.  The plane then dove into the ground about two miles north of Crane’s Beach.  A fisherman who’d witnessed the crash rowed ashore  and extricated the couple from the wreckage.  The 22-year-old husband had perished, and the 18-year-old wife was taken to Cable Memorial Hospital with critical injuries.  The couple had been married June 16.  

     Source:  The Nashua Telegraph, “Flier Killed, Month Bride Is critically Hurt”, July 21, 1947, page 7.  

Off Ipswich, MA. – May 9, 1944

Off Ipswich, Massachusetts – May 9, 1944 


TBF-1 Avenger
U. S. Navy Photo

     On the morning of May 9, 1944, a navy TBF-1 Avenger, (Bu. No. 47692), from the Squantum Naval Air Station, was taking part in a glide-bombing training flight with other aircraft off the coast of Ipswich, Massachusetts.  The weather was clear with unlimited visibility.  During the exercise, the engine suddenly back-fired, and then began to emit dense black smoke followed by flames before all power was lost.  The pilot attempted to glide towards the mainland, but the aircraft went down in the water about 500 yards from shore.  The pilot and the radio operator were able to escape the aircraft before it sank in 35 feet of water, but the gunner, AMM3c F. Howe, was unable to do so and drowned. 

     The aircraft was assigned to VT-4


     U. S. Navy accident report dated May 9, 1944.




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