Merrimack River – February 16, 1935

 Merrimack River between Nashua and Hudson, N. H.

     On February 16, 1935, an aircraft attached to the 101st Observation Squadron of the Massachusetts National Guard was flying over the Merrimack River between Nashua and Hudson, New Hampshire.  The pilot and his observer were making a survey of “flood prospect conditions” along the river.  The aircraft was flying at a low altitude when it struck powerlines that were strung across the river, and crashed into the cold water.  The pilot and observer escaped the sinking plane and swam towards shore on the Nashua side.  They were assisted by members of a railroad crew who had witnessed the crash.  The two airmen were then placed on a railroad hand car and brought to Union Station.  From there they were transported to a doctor’s office where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.    

     The severely damaged aircraft was salvaged from the river and brought to Boston.   

     Source: The Nashua Telegraph, “Wrecked Plane Moved From River”, February 18, 1935

Hudson, N. H. – September 28, 1946

Hudson, New Hampshire – September 28, 1946

     On the afternoon of September 28, 1946, a pilot and his student took off from Nashua in a “Aeronca light plane” for an instructional flight.  At 4 p.m. while practicing simulated forced landings over the neighboring town of Hudson, the aircraft was caught in a sudden down-draft and crashed into a tall pine tree.  The impact shattered the right wing, before the plane hit the ground and broke the tail.   The aircraft was a total wreck, but miraculously neither man aboard was hurt.  

     The crash occurred on the Groves Farm on Lowell Road.  

     Source: The Nashua Telegraph, “Nashua Fliers Unhurt In Hudson Plane Crash”, September 30, 1946. (With Photo)

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