Andover, MA. – August 5, 1951

Andover, Massachusetts – August 5, 1951

     On the evening of August 5, 1951, an amphibious airplane with four persons aboard, (two men, two women), took off from Biddeford, Maine, bound for Bedford, Massachusetts.  While in-route and passing over the town of Andover, the pilot decided to set the plane down in Haggett’s Pond to wash some of the salt water residue off the pontoons.  In doing so the aircraft hit the water and capsized injuring the occupants.

     The passenger side door sprung open upon impact, and the male passenger was ejected.  The pilot crawled out the same door, but then realized the two women were still inside and unconscious.  The men rescued the women and waited by the wreckage for rescue from two men in a nearby fishing boat. 

     The type of aircraft is unknown. 


     The Burlington Free Press, “Amphibian Plane Overturns In Pond”, August 6, 1951.   (Article submitted by Eric Wiberg, author and historian.)    

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