Haddam, CT – June 9, 1973

Haddam, Connecticut – June 9, 1973


     In the early afternoon of June 9, 1973, a Piper Cherokee 150  carrying four people took off from East Haddam Airport. (Also reported in one newspaper to be the Bradway Airport, which had been operating since 1963.)  The weather that day was reportedly hot and humid.   Just after takeoff, the aircraft began crossing the Connecticut River, and after passing over the East Haddam Bridge it began loosing altitude.  The plane made it across the river and to the shoreline of the neighboring town of Haddam where it came down between two trees and its wings were torn off.  The fuselage then struck two cottages and burst into flame. 

     One man began spraying the wreckage with a garden hose while two others rescued occupants of the plane.  One passenger was able to free himself.

     One of the cottages was unoccupied at the time of the crash.  In the other, a birthday celebration was in progress.  One partygoer reportedly suffered leg burns, but everyone else was unharmed. 

     One cottage was reportedly destroyed, the other suffered significant damage. 

     Of the plane’s occupants, the 60-year-old pilot was killed.  Of the three passengers, one was admitted to the hospital with a broken arm, the other two were treated and released.   


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