Greenville, N. H. – July 28, 1951

Greenville, New Hampshire – July 28, 1951

     On the morning of July 28, 1951, an airplane carrying four men crashed in Greenville killing all aboard.  The plane went down in a wooded area about an eighth of a mile from the Fitchburg-Greenville Road. 

     A witness to the crash who lived on New Ipswich Road stated it occurred around 9 a.m., and he notified Chief of Police Carl Valyou of the neighboring town of Mason. 

     A woman who lived about a mile from the crash site reported that she’d heard a small plane circling low over the area prior to the accident.  

     The weather at the time of the accident was rainy and foggy with low cloud cover. 

     Source: The Nashua Telegraph, “Four Men Reported dead In Greenville Plane Crash”, July 28, 1951, page 1.    

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