Garfield Plantation, ME. – December 23, 1975

Garfield Plantation, Maine – December 23, 1975


U.S. Air Force Photo

     On December 23, 1975, a U.S. Air Force  FB-111-A fighter jet, (Ser. No. 68-0290), left Plattsburg Air Force Base in New York, for a long-range training flight which would bring it over the State of Maine.  At about 10:30 a.m., while over Maine, the aircraft developed engine trouble and the two-man crew was forced to eject.  The jet crashed and exploded on Garfield Plantation, located about five miles west of the town of Ashland.  The two crewmen, identified as Captain Robert J. Pavelko, and Captain Michael R. Springer, landed safely and were rescued by helicopter about two hours later.  

     The aircraft was reported to be assigned tot he 529th Bomb Squadron at Plattsburg.


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