Northeast Flying Service – 1930

Northeast Flying Service – 1930


Nashua Telegraph
July 25, 1930

      The Northeast Flying Service established its headquarters at Ferryall Field in Hudson, New Hampshire, on July 24, 1930.  The service offered pilot training and sightseeing airplane rides.  The company owned a dual control Waco airplane for teaching student pilots, and a Stinson cabin plane for rides.   The company also maintained an office at Manchester Airport. 

     In February of 1931 the company announced plans to open another office in Nashua.   


Nashua Telegraph
August 27, 1930

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Hudson, N. H. – June 17, 1928

Hudson, New Hampshire – June 17, 1928

     At 11:18 a.m. on June 17, 1928, an American Eagle aircraft with a pilot and two passengers aboard took off from Ferryall Field in Hudson.  Just after becoming airborne, while at an altitude of approximately 75 feet, the airplane suddenly caught fire in flight.  The pilot noticed the flames and attempted to bank at which time the plane dove to the ground and exploded in an area of ploughed ground adjacent to the flying field.  

     The two passengers, a 43-year-old man, and a 22-year-old woman, perished in the blaze, but the pilot managed to escape, but was seriously burned.  He was transported to Nashua Memorial Hospital where he eventually recovered.   

     Prior to the accident the aircraft had undergone some unspecified repairs after which it was taken up for a 25 minute test flight and appeared to be working perfectly. 


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