Bradley Field, CT – December 26, 1948

Bradley Field, Windsor Locks, Connecticut – December 26, 1948


     On December 26, 1948, an F-47N military aircraft, (Ser. No. 44-89370N), piloted by Captain James E. Elsner, 29, took off from Bradley Field in Windsor Locks for a training flight.  After a flight of about 50 minutes, the captain was returning to Bradley when he noticed the aircraft loosing power, and then the engine stopped completely.  Knowing he couldn’t make the runway, the pilot retracted the landing gear and made a crash landing through some trees and power lines before skidding to a stop about 500 feet short of the runway.  The plane didn’t catch fire, and the pilot escaped without injury.    

     Source: Air Force Accident Report, #48-C-12-26-1

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