Malden, MA – June 28, 1949

Malden, Massachusetts – June 28, 1949

     On June 28, 1949, a single-engine aircraft took off from Revere Airport and headed for Malden where the pilot, Eugene W. MacDonald, 32, and his passenger, John A. Sheridan, 28, both lived.

     While over Malden the plane developed engine trouble and all power was lost.  As the plane went into a glide the pilot attempted to restart the motor.  The aircraft came in low over the Newburyport Turnpike where it clipped some wires., and it was at this point the engine suddenly came to life and the pilot was able to regain some altitude.  However, this only lasted for a few seconds before the motor cut out again, and the plane crashed into a wooded ledge. 

     Both men were seriously injured, and it took rescue workers 30 minutes to extricate them from the wreckage.   Among the first to arrive at the crash scene were Mr. MacDonald’s wife and family who lived nearby. 


     Nashua Telegraph, “Two Badly Hurt In Plane Crash”, June 29, 1949  

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