Atlantic Ocean – June 15, 1943

Atlantic Ocean – June 15, 1943

Updated January 15, 2023.

    Updated October 9, 2023.     


U.S. Navy OS2U-2 Kingfisher
U.S. Navy Photo

     On June 15, 1943, a U. S. Navy OS2U Kingfisher aircraft with two men aboard took off from the Squantum Naval Air Station on a routine flight over the Atlantic Ocean north of Boston.  The plane never returned and was declared missing.  It was later determined that the plane had gone down in the ocean off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts.  The cause was never established. 

     On of the men aboard was Lieutenant (Jg.) Lloyd D. Hollingsworth, Jr., 24, of Wilmington, North Carolina.   To see a photo of Lt. Jg. Hollingsworth, click on the link below.

     Lt. Hollingsworth earned his pilot’s wings in April of 1942 after training in Jacksonville, Florida.  He graduated from New Hanover High School and attended the University of North Carolina.   He received the Air Medal for his actions during Operation Torch. 

     The other man aboard was Ensign Raymond John MacGregor, USNR, of Baltimore, Maryland.  His body was recovered on or about August 19th by the Gloucester fishing trawler Mayflower, about two miles south of Thatcher’s Island, near Gloucester.  

     Ensign Macgregor is buried in Milford Cemetery in Milford, Penn.  To see photographs of Ensign Macgregor click on link below.


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     Updated info supplied by Eric T. Wiberg – author & historian. 

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