New Airplanes For The U.S. Navy – 1916

     The following newspaper article appeared in The Evening Capital & Maryland Gazette, (Annapolis, Maryland), on January 11, 1916.


     Sky Fleet Will Be More Than Doubled In Next Two Months.

     The United States Navy will receive from Massachusetts in the next two months more aeroplanes than it has in service, nine from the Burgess Company in Marblehead, and six from the Sturtevant Company Works in Hyde park. 

     Three will be big Burgess battle aeroplanes, the fastest and largest contracted for by the Unites States.  These three planes will travel eighty miles an hour and carry two men with seven hours’ fuel supply and an offensive equipment of one machine gun and 150 pounds of ammunition.

     The gross weight of each machine is 3,300 pounds, and it will carry a load of 1,200 pounds.  Six others are Burgess tractor planes, with 100 horse-power motors.  These machines are better climbers that the heavier type and are the standard navy type.  The Burgess Company has just sent forty-eight planes to the British Admiralty.  These machines are turned out at the rate of three a week, which has given the company the opportunity to expand its plant for American business.      

Vought SU-1 Navy Aircraft

Vought SU-1 Navy Aircraft   

Photo taken by Louis C. McGowan at Newport Airport, (Rhode Island), on September 4, 1936.

     According to the lettering on the side of the aircraft, it was based at the Norfolk, Virginia Naval Air Station

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Vought SU-1
Bu. No. 8875

Technical Data:

Manufactured by Chance Vought Corporation, East Hartford, Connecticut. 

Pratt & Whitney R-1690-42 engine, 600 hp. 

36 ft long, wingspan, 27 ft 5.5 inches.

Armed with one fixed forward firing 0-30 in machine gun, two 0-30 guns in rear.



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